Bem, Alfred Liudvigovich – Materials from Personal Inheritance

Name Bem, Alfred Liudvigovich – Materials from Personal Inheritance Alfred L. Bem (1886-1945?)
Alfred L. Bem (1886-1945?)
Catalog Number T-A-2425-2521
Volume 164 inventory units, 3 archival boxes
State of Cataloging The collection has been fully cataloged and is freely accessible
Languages of Documents Russian, Czech, German

Alfred Liudvigovich Bem (April 23, 1886, Kiev – 1945 ?) was a historian and theoretician of literature. Before his escape from Russia, he had worked in the Manuscript Department of the Library of the Academy of Sciences in Saint Petersburg. After a short stay in Beograd and Warsaw, he came to Prague in 1923. There he worked as a teacher of Russian language at Charles University. Between 1923 and 1924, he was a professor of Russian literature at the Comenius Pedagogical Institute. He organized the group of young Ukrainian emigrant poets called Skit Poetov and was a secretary of the Czechoslovakian Dostoyevskii’s Society. He also published in Russian, Czech and German journals.

In May 1945, A.L. Bem was arrested by the Soviet intelligence service. His later fate, the exact date and cause of his death have not been revealed until these days.

The A.L. Bem’s file in the Slavonic Library is just a small part of his inheritance. It contains manuscripts and typed texts of his lectures and studies and excerpts from newspapers dealing with Russian literature, especially Dostoyevskii, Turgenev and Yesenin. All these documents show Bem’s accuracy and punctuality. His attempt to reconstruct the unfinished Turgenev’s novel Sabina Monaldeski using author’s notes and scraps is certainly also remarkable.



Ukázka Bemova rukopisu (Novoje o Lermontove) – T-A 2477
Ukázka Bemova rukopisu (Novoje o Lermontove) – T-A 2477

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