Fedenko, Panas − Materials from Personal Inheritance

Name Fedenko, Panas − Materials from Personal Inheritance Panas Fedenko (1893–1981) - picture made in 1921
Panas Fedenko (1893–1981) - picture made in 1921
Catalog Number T-FED
Volume 195 inventory units, 5 archival boxes
State of Cataloging The collection has been fully cataloged and is freely accessible
Languages of Documents Ukrainian, rarely Czech, French, German and English

Panas Fedenko (1893–1981) was a Ukrainian politician, historian and publicist, one of the leaders of the USRPD (Ukrainian Workers’ Social Democrat Party) and its representative in the Socialistic International. Between 1917 and 1918, he was a member of the Central Committee, since 1921 in emigration. He worked at the Ukrainian Pedagogical Institute and the Ukrainian Free University in Prague as a professor. During the WWII, he moved to Germany and later died in Munich.

His inheritance contains materials from his Prague period, sometimes even older. Private writings prevail, although one can find also correspondence with the press agency Service de Presse Ukrainien that Fedenko helped to establish in 1931.

Amongst the private materials, correspondence from individuals are the largest (100 senders altogether); the largest correspondence files are from M. Stakhiv (157 pieces) and Stepan Matvienko-Sikar (119 pieces). 35 senders remain unknown. Amongst the correspondence sent by organizations, letters received from the Zionist Information Service and the Solomon Goldeman’s advisory are the most numerous (29 pieces).

Correspondence of Marie Fedenkova makes just an insignificant part of the whole collection. There are also just a few picture materials – only 11 photos out of which only one is labeled.

The collection also contains official documents of P. Fedenko, a couple of his notebooks and “other material”: various notes, manuscripts, bills etc. with little importance. We suppose the couple took their pictures and other documents with them to Germany.


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