Ukrainian Scientific Association (1932–1939)

Name Ukrainian Scientific Association (1932–1939)
Catalog Number T-UVA
Volume 3 inventory units, 1 box
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Languages of Documents Mostly Ukrainian

The original idea was that the Ukrainian Scientific Association (1932–1939), an organisation established in Prague, would perform the activities of three Ukrainian institutions, specifically the Ukrainian Free University (UVU), Ukrainian Economic Academy (UHA) and M. Drahomanov’s Ukrainian Pedagogical Institute (UPIMD). The reason was a legitimate concern that these institutions would have to be closed soon for financial reasons. Eventually, the pessimistic scenario was not fulfilled – only the UPIMD terminated its activities. A decision was therefore taken to create a society that could be quickly transformed into an institute if need arose. The primary initiative to found the entity came from the UHA; the first chairman was the UHA chancellor Borys Ivanyts’kyi. In 1936, he was succeeded in this position by Kost‘ Matsievych.

The main objectives of the Ukrainian Scientific Association included the support of Ukrainian science in all its branches, the research of Ukrainian ethnography, culture, nature, technology and economy, and contacts with international entities. Moreover, the association was to organise congresses, meetings, sessions, seminars, public lectures and presentations, to publish scientific papers, collections and periodicals, and to cooperate with other scientific entities. It was to be managed by a committee comprised of a chairperson, deputy chairpersons, secretaries and department heads. Another important organ was to be the scientific board, managing the professional work of the association, approving new applicants and proposing candidates for honorary members. In the end, however, the association developed its activities on a much smaller scale, and only a fragment of the plans was implemented. Whereas 43 people attended the meeting of the preparatory committee at the end of 1932, only 18 people were present at the annual meeting in 1934. Before the appointment of Matsievych, as few as 19 papers had been presented at the association, and the activities became weaker even under the new chairman. In 1939, the management of the association announced to German authorities that it intended to continue in its activities; nevertheless, the German police dissolved it. The association was not restored even after the Second World War.

The small collection comprises archival documents from 1932–1937. In the ‘The Basic Documents’ file (inv. no. 1), we can find the statutes of the association. The accounting (inv. no. 2), although extensive, contains rather less significant documents.

Further archival materials concerning the activities of the association may be found in the Archives of the Capital City of Prague, specifically in the MHMP II – SK collection.


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