Lesia Ukrainka - the Collection of Personal Correspondence

Name Lesia Ukrainka - the Collection of Personal Correspondence Lesia Ukrainka (1871-1913)
Lesia Ukrainka (1871-1913)
Catalog Number T-LU
Volume 70 inventory units; 12 archival boxes
State of Cataloging The collection has been fully cataloged and is freely accessible
Languages of Documents mostly Ukrainian

The way how the collection of personal correspondence of the important Ukrainian female writer Lesia Ukrainka (1871 – 1913) with her parents and friends got to the archive of the Slavonic Library is unclear. It came there probably in the inter-war period or right after the WWII and was discovered in 1998. In 2000, the collection was sorted, described and deposited by the Ukrainian expert Svitlana Kocherha.

The documents from the collection bring information about various activities of Lesia Ukrainka in literature, culture or social life. A main part of the collection contains letters to Lesia Ukrainka’s brother-in-law, Mykhail Kryvyniuk, who lived in Prague for some time together with his wife Olha Kossach-Kryvyniuk.

The collection is divided into five parts:

  • T-LU1 - personal correspondence to and from Lesia Ukrainka from 1897 – 1912. It contains mostly letters written to M. Kryvyniuk. There are also letters from Lesia Ukrainka's brothers, sisters, relatives and friends.
  • T-LU2 - correspondence between Lesia Ukrainka and her parents, Olena Pchilka, her mother, and Petr Kosach, her father. It contains received letters.
  • T-LU3 - letters of Lesia Ukrainka’s husband, Klimentii Kvitka
  • T-LU4 - correspondence between the Kossach family and various scientists and artists (I. Horbachevskii, I. Puluya, V. Simonovich, O. Kobylianskaia). Only received letters are included.
  • T-LU5 - letters to M. Kryvynjuk and his friends with no direct relations to Lesia Ukrainka. However, the letters have a great importance for research of Ukrainian cultural and political life of the late 19th/early 20th century.

A significant part of the correspondence was published in: Svitlana Kocherha, ed., Lysty tak dovho iduť : znadoby arkhivu Lesi Ukrainky v Slov’ians’kii biblioteci u Prazi (New York: Vydannya Soyuzu Ukrainok Ameryky, 2002). – 307 p. (The same published also in Kiev: Vydavnychyi tsentr „Prosvita“, 2003. – 307 p.).

Some letters to Mykhail Kryvyniuk were published in: Olha Kosach-Kryvyniuk, Lesia Ukrainka : khronolohiia zhyttia i tvorchosty (New York, 1970). – 923 p.


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